All About Regenerative Energy Chargers

Regenerative Energy Chargers

Due to the many issues with currently existing energy sources finding a clean safe and reliable energy source is undoubtedly the most important question that humanity has to face today. Not only will it help to save the planet and ensure our survival into the future but it could also help people around the world save huge amounts of money on energy costs.

Fortunately there’s a brand-new solution to current energy problems. We are proud to introduce a groundbreaking advanced green energy technology that will meet the energy demands of many generations to come. It is a new type of regenerative charging technology invented by Canadian Gerald bickham. It is ESA and CSA certified and has been verified as regenerative energy charger by the Canadian ESA authority.

Renewable Energy Benefits

There are so many benefits to our new renewable energy solution. It doesn’t reduce, any kind of solution is compact and can be installed almost anywhere. It is not weather dependent. It’s cheap to install and requires remarkably little maintenance. The regenerative energy charger works with electric storage device or ESD. It works like this. You simply plug the regenerative energy charger into a wall electric outlet, your charger will then immediately begin running and charge the ESD.

The energy from the latter will then power your lights appliances, electronics and tools whatever you need. It can provide the key to making this a more effective. Renewable energy solution is the system uses a very small amount of electricity from your wall electric outlet. But it always charges ESD to provide enough electricity for your home. The additional energy is the magnet in the charger dust.

Saving Energy

It saves about 95 to 98% of your electric energy for decades. Additionally you’re contributing better environment for your children and your grandchildren. So using the regenerative emitter charger just makes sense to help as many people as possible make use of our renewable energy technology. We are developing a leasing program for our unique regenerative energy micro grid systems residents is equipped with one of these systems stamps to save 95 to 98% of their current electric energy by leasing the system from us.

There are no upfront costs for installation instead we apply the savings you make on your electricity – the system is leasing costs for four to six year period. After that time your electric bill will drop to about 10 percent of what it currently costs.


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