Faces Of Clean Energy and Creating Solar Energy From Windows

Creating Solar Energy

I have wind turbines located on our farmland and we farm about 1,600 acres. Looking behind us you will see the wind turbines and where our farm begins back by the turbines. You know it’s amazing to see how they put them up, and how quickly they went up. Plus here, we have the wind blowing pretty predominantly all day, all night. And I just thought that you know it’s out there. It’s free power. So far, we’ve had a great experience.

Retirement Policy

Personally, it’s a retirement policy for me at my age. It should be for my son, and I’ve got some grandchildren that it will be passed on to. When that payment comes it’s better to have it than not have it. Suppose you have that year when you don’t raise anything, and you get a few thousand dollars coming in. It can make it to where you can go next time. We can’t stop it and it blows 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it’s clean. It can’t get any cleaner than the air.

New Technology Creates Solar Energy From Windows

They cannot say what, if any relationship is between the victims. Live in Denver, Karen Moffitt, covering Colorado first. The rumor is that Denver gets 300 days of sunshine a year so let’s get something out of it. Some Colorado scientists have discovered a way to create solar power in the form of a window or other glass.

Jeff Todd is life in Denver tonight. It is pretty standard for buildings to have tinted windows but these scientists have found a way to make a window be clear and then it will tint and while it tends, it creates energy. This is a prototype of a new type of window that we recently have developed here at the laboratory. This was somewhat of an accidental discovery.

Thermal Pro

It is called thermal pro men and researchers in golden discovered this could be the future of windows that create power. As sunlight hits the glass, it gets darker. When the color changed, it was still an act of solar. The uses could be limitless. Commercial buildings could have the most to gain. Take a look at the buildings downtown. A lot of high-rise structures will see one thing in the building facade.

This switching ability gives it a chance to put the high- quality solar cell in a building structure. It is still a prototype and there are a few more hurdles before this is something you can buy. Researchers here say it could be used in businesses, homes or even cars. Because this technology is so new, it is not yet known how much one pain can generate.


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