Future Of Solar Energy – Transparent Solar Panels

Transparent Solar Panels

Due to increase in global warming and a shortage of fossil fuels the whole world has the big question that how we should solve the problems to provide energy to the commercial systems or industries.

Renewable Energies

Well, the option is renewable energies like sun, wind, sea water tides. if we study these resources then we can find that solar energy is cheap and reliable from all of these and If we try to grasp that solar energy, then surely that can power the whole system. According to the land art generator initiative, if we place solar panels in the unpopulated area of the Sahara desert which gives us the area about 9 million km², then it would provide us 630 terawatts total power, that’s really a great number and the Earth’s current energy consumption rate is around 17-18 TeraWatt only (including oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and hydroelectric). Just imagine the scenario guys. Well, we use solar photovoltaic technologies majorly for energy supply.

Solar Panel

Currently, solar panel which we use has some sort of limitations like disappointing results, high tolerance and one of the basic issues is bulkiness and where to put those panels like, think about it we need the solar power but there isn’t a space for those heavy Opaque panels. however, scientist have come up with an interesting design of solar panels which are transparent and solar panels are transparent like a thin sheet of glass and we can put them almost anywhere. In the past, people tried to make solar panel transparent by shrinking the size of components. But later on, they got that this transparency doesn’t depend on the parts that we use, but the kind of light you trying to absorb. These panels are consisting of a thin layer of tiny silicon’s called quantum dots.

Sun Light

When sun light hits on the traditional solar panel it absorbs light and produces electricity, but if we take this transparent solar panel that absorbs electromagnetic radiation in the infra-red or ultra-violet regions. If they absorb sunlight in these regions and allow the visible light pass through them. They would be almost, invisible. It’s a great technology, isn’t it? But the thing is, unlike traditional solar panels these transparent panels are not that efficient. The efficiency of the traditional solar panel is about 18-20%. And due to letting go of transparent lights transparent solar panel can give only about 5-7 % of efficiency; however scientists are still working to increase its efficiency.

But the advantage is, we have a lot of surface area than before. I mean we can replace all the glass like materials with these solar panels. It can be used on buildings like skyscrapers and as it absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet light and which are harmful to humans and they can cause premature aging or skin cancer, so this is one of the best advantages we can have. Also, glass used in car windows and cell phones can be replaced and the systems will come up with almost infinite battery if this type of panels is used. Where we can use the device and simultaneously charge it.

Intensity Of Sunlight

Well, the intensity of sunlight is not constant every time, it is different in the morning in afternoon or in the evening, so we also find the change in output power and this analysis can be done by a voltage to current curve that is almost same for every solar panel as we can see at some point we get the maximum value of current and voltage hence if we multiply them we get power and hence this point is called as a maximum power point and by using some converters we try to achieve this power point and we can increase the solar panel’s efficiency. By the way, you won’t see these new transparent panels immediately in the market because there is still a lot of work need to do and the scientist from ubiquitous energy Inc are doing a lot of work to make this dream real and this technology will create big strides in the future for renewable energy systems.


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