Generate Solar Power Using Solar Glasses and Making Green Energy Fountain

Green Energy Fountain

Organic solar cells are flexible, transparent, and light-weight and can be manufactured in arbitrary shapes or colors. Thus, they are suitable for a variety of applications that cannot be realized with conventional silicon solar cells. In the Energy Technology journal, researchers from KIT now present sunglasses with colored, semitransparent solar cells applied onto lenses that supply a microprocessor and two displays with electric power. This paves the way for other future applications such as the integration of organic solar cells into windows or overhead glazing.

  • The solar cell lenses, perfectly fitted to a commercial frame, have a thickness of approx.1.6 millimeters and weigh about six grams– just like the lenses of traditional sunglasses.
  • The microprocessor and the two small displays are integrated into the temples of the Solar Glasses. They show the illumination intensity and the ambient temperature as bar graphs.
  • The Solar Glasses also work in indoor environments under illumination down to 500 Lux, which is the usual illumination of an office or a living area.

Under these conditions, each of the “smart” lenses still generates 200 microwatt of electric power – enough to operate devices such as a hearing aid or a step counter.

How to make a green energy fountain?

This article is about how to make a fountain with our water pumps so we have 2 things.

  • The first one is the water pump. It is made of BLDC motor, very energy saving. There are 5 pumps.
  • The second is the Keyway storage box (K018), easy to get in a shop.

Put Velcro at the bottom of the storage box to fix the pump position. Put Velcro at the bottom of the pump as well. Put a small hook outside of the box to fix the control box position. Put the control box into a plastic bag for water resistance. We are going to assemble the fountain. First place a piece of artificial grass on the ground for water protection. Artificial grass may not be necessary on a balcony. Put the storage box on the artificial grass. Attach the 5 pumps to the bottom of the box.

Attach the 5 control boxes to the outside wall of the box. Connect the 5 wires of power adaptors to the control boxes. Move in all the potted plants. Put all kinds of decorations you like. Now it looks like a green fountain. Pour in water and the water level must be higher than the pump inlet. Make sure everything is okay, then turn on the power. The fountain starts working. The splashing water is used to irrigating the plants.


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