Reason Why Autonomous Vehicles Impact The Energy Sector?

Autonomous Vehicles

The impact will be increased mobility for a lot of people who don’t have it today, but also be significantly lower risks because these vehicles will be much safer. It will also be a radically better environment because we only use the vehicles when they’re actually needed. We already have autonomous cars in a number of cities around the world and we really should be having them here as well now, because technology is ready for the big scale tests and pilots.

It’s really a matter of human ingenuity and trying to figure out the best possible ways to do it. I think that we will see autonomous vehicles begin to be available in selected cities in maybe three to four years. They’re being trialed now in a variety of cities, but just on a trial basis, and so being rolled out so that consumers can ride in them and actually use them for mobility, I think is three to four years away.


Denmark is one of the few places in the world where the regulations have been opened up to allow electric vehicles on the roads. Many places in the world, that’s not possible at all and so the forward-looking nature of Denmark allows us to think about doing testing and then deployment in Denmark because the regulations have opened up. The hope is that we can use the electric vehicle as an asset, both to help and support the Danish power system and our ambitions with renewable energy, but at the same time, of course, there also has to be an incentive for the electric vehicle owner to make the vehicle available to the power system.

Challenges In Storage

The challenges in storage are in Denmark specifically, we have a very ambitious goal on renewable energy. So we have more and more renewable energy as part of our power system, and we have to deal with, either when you have too little renewable energy, too much, or when we have quick fluctuations. Then we have to have measures that can help us with those challenges, and storage is certainly one of them.


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