Renewable Energy and Its Importance

Renewable Energy Importance

I’m going to talk about what is renewable energy and why is it really important. There’s important for some of the following reasons.

  • Number one it has high environmental benefits. What do I mean by environmental benefits? It is a very good clean source of energy and free from carbon emissions.
  • Number two it has high energy security. You have your own sources each and every country has an own form of renewable energy by which they can fulfill their own energy demands.
  • Number three it helps as a source and the energy for the future generations to come. I initiated now but will help our future generations to benefit to have a clean source of energy in coming years.
  • Number four it can help build the economic very well. What do I mean and can help build economy when we moved towards the renewable energy sources renewable energy based appliances applications will build up more and more and more people will get more aware about it and in turn it will help improve the market for it and people should be more aware of how it is to be understood and how it could be implemented because renewable energy is the future of our generation.

Different Forms Of Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

Sun is a major source for all kind of a definitive energy directly or indirectly so you can see the solar energy. Solar energy is a direct form of solar. Sun base energy, we harness it by the solar panels or we have solar photovoltaic plants. You have solar thermal plants which we are benefiting.

Wind Energy

Number two is the wind energy. The wind energy is also a part of the solar energy because the Sun is the one which drives the wind and we are harnessing it in the wind turbines.

Hydro Energy

Number three is the hydro energy. Both the Sun and the wind together mix-up and flows up to bring about your operation a all over the operation is and in turn which brings about hydro energy and flow of water, the water it rains and you have the flow of what and you harness as hydro energy ,because of the hydro energy you have the bio energy because of the water flows organic substance and in turn you have the bio energy and more than that you have.

Geothermal Energy

Some energy is not directly bit like the geothermal energy. This is also very important source which is available and the developing technologies nowadays are more focusing on the tidal energy and the wave energy these things are also apart partly but they’re more dependent on the moon. The moon is one of the most important things. Based on the gravitational pull of the moon you have tides and you have the waves which form and with this these are being harnessed very efficiently in the recent days.

Renewable Energy

There are some of the technologies which by which we could help our society to go towards renewable energy. I hope you have understood why renewable is important and you had a basic look of what are the different kind of energies as yet and I hope that you all understand why it is very important for us to move towards a renewable energy?


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