Renewable Energy Facts and Is Renewable Energy Just Fantasy?

Renewable Energy Facts

There are 5 things you do not know about renewable energy sources

  1. Sun roads – The first one was opened in September 2016 in France. The length of 1 kilometer can drive street light bulbs. In order to increase the weight of the vehicles, several layers of transparent materials are laid over solar panels. At present, more than a hundred road routes are being prepared worldwide.
  2. Getting clean energy from polluted air – Belgian scientists have found ways to convert polluted air into hydrogen energy. Hydrogen energy is a pure energy source that leaves only water behind. This appliance uses sunlight, nanoparticles, and photovoltaic chemical membrane to clean the air.
  3. Energy Saving – Australian scientists have found ways to generate hydrogen energy by burning certain chemical compounds in the sunny places. The paint works as a semiconductor and divides water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The coloring is cheaper.
  4. Built-in solar panels – Tesla began installing solar panels in tents and getting orders. People who are interested in the project can learn how to use solar energy through Google’s Project Sunroof. These tents need to be cheaper than just a tent, as the company gives them life guarantees.
  5. Recycling rubbish into energy – A non-profit organization transforms energy from organic waste into pure fuels and fertilizers. Biodegradable fermentation bottles turn biodegradable garbage, which is a pure form of energy. In Germany, there are currently about 15,000 biogas transducers. In Sweden, there are so many bio-digesters that they can not afford to fill the bottles.

Is Renewable Energy Just Fantasy?

We can replace our unsightly power stations with grand wizard spires and why use coal? In this fantasy world, we could use some sort of glowing purple crystal. Yeah, that’s right! Just one of them could use its magical rays to send lightning surging down power lines across the country and anytime someone had no energy or the crystal ran out, the wizard could say hocus pocus and their television would switch back on again. It’s all make-believe. Not necessarily. What? You mean wizards are real? Well no, unless you can call energy scientists wizards. There won’t be any wizard towers replacing the power plants but instead, there can be some rather tall and fetching wind farms. What about a magic crystal? Look at you.

Limitless Energy Source

We have an almost limitless energy source above us. With the Sun, we can collect solar energies with solar panels situated in huge fields or even through panels for houses that are getting more and more affordable then what about when the Sun goes behind the clouds? You can’t say hocus pocus to bring it back, can you? No, but some solar stations are more than capable of storing a lot of backup energy during the brighter times than conserving it for the overcast times. Wow, it’s magic! It’s not. It’s a push of progress!.


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